Our Editorial Process and Standards

This page was lasted updated on: 1/27/23

We firmly believe that complete transparency is key to earning and keeping your trust so that you can rely on our content to support you on your wellness journey.

This editorial policy page aims to provide full transparency into our processes and standards.

We aim to deliver easy-to-understand, accurate, and practical information that helps build good nutrition habits and discover worthy products that can complement a healthy lifestyle.

We operate with total editorial independence. Our medical guidelines and the topic-level expertise of our health professionals drive our editorial decisions and product recommendations.

Who’s Behind Our Content?

We believe that for wellness content to support your health effectively, it has to be created by licensed health professionals. Our team is made up of medical doctors and registered dietitians.

Medical doctors’ role is to set research standards and medical guidelines for our wellness content and uphold our content to such measures.

The dietitians' roles and responsibilities are to research, write, fact-check, and maintain our content. All the dietitians we work with have demonstrated experience in medical research, with 95% holding master's of science degrees in the respective fields.

You never have to wonder who wrote our content. Every article published contains at least two names at the top, showing who is the primary author and who medically reviewed it.

Also, by clicking on the individual’s name, you can learn more about them, including their education, experience, and current line of work — so that you can be confident about their qualifications to write on the topic you’re exploring.

Process of Creating Our Content

The topics we chose to write about are intended to support our mission of helping people to improve their health through helpful product discovery and integration of healthy habits into their lifestyles.

We mainly produce three types of actionable and accurate content:

  1. Articles that cover aspects of a healthy lifestyle
  2. Objective product reviews to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the brand
  3. Comparisons and Roundups to help you find the best product suited for your needs and goals.

The creation process involves many hours of research and multiple rounds of revisions and edits.

To start, our team brainstorms all the possible questions a reader might have on a given wellness topic or brand review.

Then, a registered dietitian researches the topic using their professional expertise, our guidelines, and trusted medical sources to form conclusions and recommendations. In addition, when applicable, they will apply their first-hand experience.

Once the dietitian submits the initial draft, multiple members of our team will review the piece to ensure that it’s clear, actionable, and thoroughly covers the topic.

Next, as a critical step, a medical reviewer will fact-check each piece of content to ensure its statements align with sound scientific evidence. We won’t move passed this stage until we get it right, even if it will take multiple rounds of additional revisions.

Once the medical review process is complete, as the last step before the article goes live, a copy editor will check for grammar and style and format it for optimal user experience.

We only use peer-reviewed and reputable sources. All of our content contains the citations used for the particular article in a numerical format placed at the end of the sentence in which it was used. Additionally, you can view the complete list of the citations and links to the studies at the bottom of each article by expanding the link labeled “Sources Used.”

As part of an ongoing effort, our published content is regularly reviewed based on our schedule to ensure it is accurate and up to date. Whenever we make a meaningful change, the most recent update date is indicated at the top of the page next to the authorship.

How We Make Money

We have policies to ensure that our editorial decisions have the reader’s interest as our top priority rather than financial incentives. We also believe that our readers deserve full transparency about how we make money.

We earn affiliate commissions from certain trusted brands when a reader clicks on the links from our website to make a purchase.

The products from which we may earn commissions are brands that we believe — based on our rigorous research and independent evaluation — are safe and helpful to you alongside a healthy lifestyle.

Any pages with such affiliate links contain a clear advertising disclosure at the top to ensure transparency for our readers and remain FTC compliant.

Additionally, our content may contain ads from Google’s Adsense network, clearly marked with an advertisement label above it to separate them from our main content.

To learn more about our advertising policies, please visit our Advertising Disclosure page.

Medical Disclaimer

All information on WellnessVerge, including articles, text, graphics, and images, is meant for general information only. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, cure, or treatment.

While health professionals create the content on this site, it is informative in nature and does not substitute personalized medical recommendations and treatments.

You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained via this site with other medical sources or your physician.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read or accessed through this site.