Dmitry Kovalev

Dmitry Kovalev

Web Developer


For over 20 years Dmitry Kovalev has put his strategic and analytical skills to use in the web development and technology industry.

Kovalev never works with premade solutions, but instead strives for innovation using the latest technology trends.

He is known for overseeing a team of 100 staff members who developed the infrastructure that’s responsible for internet expansion within a major provider network.

As a result of Kovalev’s effort, he was able to expand the company’s infrastructure to provide the option for 70% of the residents in his local city Stavropol to choose to receive internet with the company.

After 12 years, Kovalev left his career to pursue his dream of developing advanced websites and applications for his own set of clients. This is what led Kovalev to WellnessVerge, and we are grateful to have him as our head web developer.

At WellnessVerge, Kovalev is constantly learning and keeping up on technology developments in order to provide a safe and accessible user experience for our readers like you. 

When Kovalev isn’t working to help bring you a seamless online experience with our wellness content, he is spending time with his wife and daughter and looking after his own personal health with long walks in nature.