Max Yurtsan

Max Yurtsan

Chief Revenue Officer


Max Yurstan has been a founding member of several companies prior to joining us at WellnessVerge.

He is known for his role as CEO at various real estate-based companies.

Yurstan has also diversified with other ventures including strategic investments like the acquisition and buildup of a commercial real estate portfolio across the West Coast. 

Over the years as a CEO and CRO, Yurstan has built proven strategies for creating sustainable growth using his expertise in financial planning and partner communications. Yurstan has been vital in WellnessVerge early-stage strategy development and growth.

With vision and passion, he spearheaded the company’s funding rounds and put into place a financial plan built on integrity that supports our mission to always keep your health, not our bottom line, as a top priority. 

Yurstan shares our passion for wellness and can be found road cycling in his home state of California, traveling with his wife and three kids, or giving back at one of the non-profits he is involved with.