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Everybody has a product story to tell. There are no right or wrong answers here. We ask the following questions to get your unique perspective and experience so that you can share your story with other folks who are considering SuperBeets.

How long have you used SuperBeets for?

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Most people may have multiple reasons for trying a beetroot supplement. Such reasons may include supporting blood circulation, heart health, and energy levels. There is no right or wrong answer here!

Next, let’s talk about the taste

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How would you describe SuperBeets’s taste and texture? Which flavor did you try? Do you have a favorite recipe or method for drinking it?

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Describe the taste notes and texture you felt when drinking SuperBeets. Was it desirable, or did you not look forward to drinking it? Did it take time to acquire the taste? If you’ve tried other beetroot powders, how does it compare?

Did you drink SuperBeets daily? How easy or difficult was it to mix/prepare your SuperBeets regularly?

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It takes time and consistent use to experience the benefits of powdered supplements. HumanN recommends drinking SuperBeets daily by adding one scoop to 4–6 fl oz of water. Were you able to follow these recommendations? Why or why not?

This brings us to benefits and safety

Did you experience any benefits from drinking SuperBeets?

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Try to be as specific as possible when sharing what you personally felt by drinking SuperBeets. Was your cardiovascular health improved? How long did you drink SuperBeets before noticing them? If you did not experience any noticeable benefits, please share that, too.

Did you experience any side effects or unexpected changes from drinking SuperBeets?

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Although rare, a supplement like SuperBeets may cause some side effects. If you have experienced any or have any pre-existing conditions and are taking medication, this information would be helpful as well (if you don’t mind sharing).

Finally, a few questions about customer service and value

How was your experience with HumanN’s customer service?

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Please share your experience with billing, shipping, packaging, the helpfulness of customer service if you had an issue, pausing or canceling subscriptions, and overall product support.

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Every product will have its benefits and drawbacks. But overall, do you feel SuperBeets’s price is worth the benefits? Will you be using this product in the future?

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If you tried other beetroot supplements, how does SuperBeets compare to these brands?

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What are your favorite features of SuperBeets? Why or why not do you use SuperBeets rather than the alternatives? Which brand would you recommend?

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