Dmitry Ozik

Dmitry Ozik

Editorial Director


For more than 10 years, Dmitry Ozik, has brought a dedication to transparent communications with a socially conscientious approach to the editorial and publishing industry.

Over the years, he has been responsible for the successful development of editorial guidelines, processes, and marketing for a variety of start-ups and online companies.

Ozik joined WellnessVerge as a founder in 2020 and his assistance in building a “human-first” editorial approach with a commitment to pursue truth based on scientific evidence has been invaluable for our company.

In addition to helping shape our values at WellnessVerge with his direct and informed communication, Ozik crafted a set of processes that allows for our health expert writers to break down complex health topics into digestible content for readers like you.

Ozik remains humble stating that his contributions are only made possible by the people he works within the editorial and executive departments. 

Ozik prioritizes his personal health and his family, so when he is not working you can find him playing hockey with his sons, reading, adding to the family Lego city, or hiking the trails in the Pacific Northwest.