Vlad Rappoport

Vlad Rappoport

Chief Executive Officer


With optimism, grit, and a keen eye for system workflow strategies, Vlad Rappoport builds engaging online spaces, including a popular consumer review site he co-founded and developed that peaked at 4-5 million monthly visitors.

Vlad brings a big picture view to WellnessVerge because he understands the direct correlation between effective brand communications and building efficient internal logistics. His 10 plus years of experience doing just that means he wears multiple hats for us by overseeing hiring, strategic execution plans, and internal workflow operations.

Most importantly, Rappoport’s work at WellnessVerge helps to ensure we uphold our core values to remain transparent and honest with you at all times because he personally knows how important practical and evidence-based health content is for health improvements. 

When Rappoport isn’t working you can find him venturing out from Sacramento where he and his wife reside to explore the coastal towns of California, or caring for his own personal health by playing basketball.