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Our Thoughts About Iaso Tea (Spoiler Alert: We’re Not Fans)

By Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD

Last Updated on February 21, 2023

Medically Reviewed by Anthony Dugarte, MD

Iaso Teas, both Original and Instant, are marketed to help with weight loss and detoxification. However, no tea on the market will be your quick solution if you want to detoxify and lose weight.

Written by
Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Ana Reisdorf is a registered dietitian nutritionist with 14 years of experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics. She graduated from UCLA in 2002 with a degree in psychology and women’s studies and completed her master’s degree from Central Michigan University in 2010
Medically Reviewed by
Anthony Dugarte, MD
Medical Reviewer
Anthony Dugarte, M.D., C.S.C.S. is a health and wellness writer and medical content reviewer. In addition to dedicating the last 11 years to medical research, Dr. Dugarte also has more than a decade of experience in strength and conditioning, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercise, as well as authoring and reviewing health and wellness-related content.
Our Thoughts About Iaso Tea (Spoiler Alert: We’re Not Fans)
Photo credit: istock.com/solidcolours

Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

  • Iaso Tea is an expensive version of herbal tea with some natural laxatives added.
  • This brand lacks transparency over its ingredients, has legal disputes, and has an expensive price tag.
  • We recommend avoiding this tea and brand – Iaso Tea will not do much for your digestion, weight, or pocketbook.

What We Know About Iaso Tea

Removing all the marketing hype, there is very little information provided by the brand about Iaso Tea.

The little that we do know can be summarized as follows:

Iaso Tea Original and Instant are “cleansing teas” designed by Total Life Changes to help you detox, improve your digestion, and support a healthy circulatory system.

The teas also help support “productive” trips to the bathroom, which likely means it is a laxative.

There is no information about the amount of each ingredient and the product’s benefits on the website.

To make Iaso Original, two tea bags are added to a quart of boiling water, then steeped for 4–8 hours. The tea is consumed twice a day before meals and once before bedtime.

To make the Instant version, you mix the powder into water and drink.

Iaso Tea Original is $49.95 for 5 tea bags on the Total Life Changes website.

For the Instant version, on the Total Life Changes website, 50 sachets are $59.95.

We Expect Very Little Benefit from This Product

The brand does not list Iaso Tea’s nutritional label on the website. So I had to search for a nutrition label elsewhere.

After finding the nutrition label, I discovered that the manufacturer does not list the dosages of ingredients.

This is another red flag because it makes it difficult to speak to the effectiveness of this product.

So taking very little that is known, the ingredients in Iaso Orignal may have anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and laxative effects.

Unfortunately, while these might help you go to the bathroom more often and help reduce inflammation, there is no way to know if there is an effective dose in each tea bag.

Iaso Instant contains only two of the ingredients found in the Original version but adds fiber and a laxative.

Because of this, I would assume that the Instant is more likely to have you running to the bathroom, but it is impossible to know since the dose is not listed.

In summary, besides going to the bathroom more frequently, I wouldn’t expect much from Iaso Tea. Overall, I do not recommend this or any other detox tea.

What’s Inside Iaso Tea?

Click the teas below to expand the ingredient details.

Iaso Tea Original

The Original detox tea is a blend of different herbs that have mostly laxative and anti-inflammatory properties. These herbs include:

  • Myrrh: Myrrh is a type of resin derived from trees native to Africa and Asia. It has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It was commonly used to treat bacterial infections and inflammation. It is a digestive aid and is primarily used as a laxative. (1)
  • Blessed or Holy Thistle: Blessed thistle is an ancient plant that has been used throughout the ages to treat many different illnesses. It is commonly used to stimulate appetite, reduce inflammation, and improve indigestion. It also has diuretic properties, which may help you go to the bathroom more often. (2)
  • Papaya Leaf/Carica Papaya Extract: Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that may help improve digestion and also has a laxative effect. It may also help regulate blood sugar. (3, 4)
  • Persimmon Leaf: Persimmon leaves have been used for many centuries in Chinese medicine. More recently, research has found that they may have many beneficial properties for health, helping reduce inflammation, improve blood sugar, and fight bacterial infections. The leaves also have diuretic effects. (5)
  • Chamomile/Matricaria Chamomilla Extract: Chamomile is an herb rich in flavonoids commonly used for its medicinal and relaxation properties. It may help improve sleep due to high amounts of flavonoid apigenin. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and may help improve blood sugar. (6) (7)
  • Malva Leaves/Marshmallow: Malva and marshmallow are two herbs from the same plant family. Malva is commonly used for stomach problems and to reduce inflammation. Marshmallow is used for reducing irritation of the stomach and relieving constipation. (8, 9)
  • Ginger: Ginger is a root that can help soothe indigestion and helps reduce nausea. It has a laxative and diuretic effect. (10)

Iaso Tea Instant

Iaso Instant contains only 4 ingredients: chamomile, papaya, soluble fiber, and senna. It does not contain the other ingredients that are found in the Iaso Tea Original.

  • Soluble Fiber: Soluble fiber is beneficial for digestion, increasing nutrient absorption, and lowering cholesterol. The Iaso Instant tea has 2 grams of dietary fiber, which isn’t a significant enough amount to make much impact. (11)
  • Senna/Cassia Angustifolia Extract: Senna extract is a common laxative found in many products to relieve constipation. Since there is no dosage information provided with this product, it is impossible to know if the dosage is meant to provide mild relief or if it will have you immediately running to the bathroom. (12)

Iaso Tea Is Generally Safe, but There Are Some Concerns

Overall, due to the company’s lack of information and dosages, it is difficult to determine if Iaso Tea has any specific side effects.

Most of the herbs in Iaso Tea are commonly found in herbal tea blends, so safety concerns aren’t significant. However, there are a few exceptions.

My main hesitation is the amount of senna in the Instant product. While senna is considered safe for occasional use, it can cause digestive problems and diarrhea. (13)

Some people are more sensitive to the laxative effects of senna than others. If you don’t know how you will react, I recommend proceeding cautiously.

Myrrh and blessed thistle have been used to terminate pregnancies; therefore, pregnant women should not consume this tea. (14, 15)

It is unclear if the fiber used in Iaso Tea is made from wheat dextrin. Therefore, those with gluten sensitivity should avoid it.

It is best to speak to your doctor before trying this detox tea.

Legal Troubles

Total Life Changes has had legal troubles in the last few years, making me even warier about their products.

TLC was previously sued by a member of the military who claims the Iaso Instant tea had THC in it when the company specifically claimed it was free of THC.

This person tested positive for THC after drinking the tea and was denied a promotion because of it. An independent third-party found that the tea did, in fact, contain THC. This lawsuit is still pending.

The brand also received a letter from the Federal Trade Commission over false claims made about how the products could help lower your risk of Covid-19 and the earning potential of the multi-level marketing aspects of the business.

They were forced to remove all their claims, which may explain why their website lacks information.

Due to these two legal disputes, I would avoid any products made by TLC, including Iaso Tea.

Instead, Try This to Support Your Body’s Natural Detoxification

The key to detoxification is to stop putting toxins into your body. This includes avoiding processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and smoking.

Giving your body lots of fiber, water, and a healthy diet can naturally detoxify the liver, kidneys, and digestive system.

If your goal is to lose weight, a calorie-controlled diet with lots of fruits and vegetables paired with regular exercise is the best way to go.

Trying to use pills, teas, or other gimmicks to lose weight will only frustrate you.

Adopting a life-long healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain a normal weight. Speak to your doctor or registered dietitian for the best plan for you.

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