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Thorne Supplements and Health Tests: A Comprehensive Review

Written by Markita Lewis, MS, RD

Published on April 28, 2021

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Thorne is a supplement company that utilizes quizzes and laboratory testing to tailor supplements and lifestyle recommendations. The variety, ease of use, and attention to the needs of athletes make Thorne a good option in addition to professional advice.

Thorne Supplements and Health Tests: A Comprehensive Review


  • Offers a variety of product lines for major health concerns
  • NSF Certification available for products geared towards athletes
  • Involvement in clinical research for supplements offered


  • Some tests require visit to physical lab for samples and can limit convenience
  • Purchased test kits do not include consultation with health professional to review results and help with changes
  • Monthly supplement costs could become expensive if getting them for multiple health concerns

How Thorne Works

Thorne is a supplement company that provides personalized supplements and health plans based on your individual concerns.

They currently offer quizzes, bundles, and test kits to help evaluate your individual nutrition needs.

The online supplement quizzes take approximately 5 minutes or less to complete and ask for general information such as age, gender, and daily or weekly habits.

There are quizzes available for 13 different health concerns – B complex, digestive enzymes, fatigue, fish oil, multivitamins, probiotics, protein powder, sleep, stress, mood, skin, immune health, and SNF Certified for Sport.

After taking your online quiz, you are directed to a results page that gives you one recommended supplement based on your answers.

Thorne also offers testing kits on 10 conditions or health concerns – biological age, fertility, gut health, heavy metals, menopause, sleep, stress, thyroid, vitamin D, and weight management.

Your test kit will be shipped to you within two business days and should arrive within 3–4 business days.

After receiving the kit, you can activate your test (within 1 year of purchase) and complete a personal online health profile/questionnaire.

Depending on what test kit you purchase, it may require blood, urine, saliva, or stool sampling.

Some of the sample collecting can be done at home, but some tests require a formal lab visit for sample collection.

Once you have your sample collected and mailed back to Thorne, the test results will be analyzed and uploaded to the online Thorne dashboard.

Most test results will be available within 5 business days after arriving at the lab, but the Gut Health test results can take about 4 weeks.

Results are presented through graphs and explanations of what certain labs/markers are and what that means for your biological health.

Quality of Personalized Supplement Recommendations

Thorne offers many options for individualized nutrition and supplement recommendations that can fit different goals.

There are nearly 200 different supplements available for recommendation through their quizzes, supplement packages, and bundles, and they cannot all be evaluated in the scope of this article.

Instead, this evaluation will discuss the main personalization options, professional involvement, and overall ingredient quality.

Product Formula Quizzes

If you’re looking for recommendations that don’t require any lab testing, Thorne offers short online supplement quizzes developed by their medical team to give you recommendations.

I took a few quizzes on their website – they were fairly easy and quick, and I was only recommended one supplement per quiz result.

I think that it is smart that Thorne does not overwhelm consumers by recommending multiple supplements per health condition, especially since the total supplement burden can add up if taking multiple quizzes.

The results page from the quiz also links to blog articles that give more detail about relevant health conditions and how lifestyle changes affect them.

Health Tests

Thorne uses an AI-driven platform called Omegevity Health Intelligence to generate health insights and recommendations for diet, physical activity, and supplements.

These recommendations are generated using data sets (which include DNA, RNA, proteins, and other molecules) and current scientific research.

Purchase of Thorne supplements after the health tests is optional and can either be done as a one-time purchase or as a subscription.

Product Bundles

There are 25 supplement bundles available through Thorne. Product bundles consist of 3 supplements that are geared towards a certain health condition.

Once again, limiting the bundle size can help with the pill burden and make it easier to remember to take all supplements daily.

Ingredient Quality

Thorne gives a rationale for each ingredient included in their supplements and why particular forms of an ingredient were chosen over others based on the current research.

The use of fillers, lubricants, and binders is limited as much as possible to focus on active ingredients.

All ingredients (active and inactive) are listed on the product label for brand transparency.

Out of its 183 supplements available, 24 of these are NSF Certified for Sport.

While this appears to be a somewhat small percentage of their products, Thorne actually has the most extensive line of NSF Certified for Sport supplements for a single company.

Professional Involvement

Thorne has a science and medical team consisting of naturopathic doctors, physicians, a licensed acupuncturist, and a registered dietitian.

The commitment to science is seen in greater detail when looking at their research involvement.

In 1996, the company launched a peer-reviewed journal called Alternative Medicine Review and currently conducts clinical research with several research groups, including the Mayo Clinic.

The inclusion of peer-reviewed research, clinical trials, and collaboration with trusted institutes like the Mayo Clinic makes me feel more confident in their scientific reputation and the efficacy of their products.

Test kit nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are based on AI and machine learning.

There is no built-in nutrition counseling with a doctor or dietitian upon receiving test kit results to navigate lifestyle changes.

To make up for the lack of nutrition counseling, Thorne provides a database of health professionals who integrate Thorne into their practice.

A quick look at available practitioners shows that this range of professionals includes physicians, registered dietitians, osteopaths, functional medicine practitioners, and more.

When choosing a health professional to help you meet your goals, I believe that it is important to learn about what each credential means in terms of education and approaches.

Side Effects and Safety

Because there are nearly 200 different supplements available through Thorne, it is difficult to list all potential side effects from taking any of their supplements.

On the website, Thorne does take care to list any potential side effects, allergic reactions, or medication interactions for products underneath each product.

Compared to other companies that bury this information in an FAQ page, it was much easier to find the information about these possible adverse effects.

In their facilities, to reduce cross-contamination with known allergens, Thorne performs comprehensive cleaning and allergen testing after manufacturing products containing known allergens.

Supplements are also labeled with Proposition 65 warnings. This warning specifies if certain ingredients include naturally occurring chemicals in amounts that are above Proposition 65 thresholds.

Proposition 65 is a California law that requires the labeling of items that may contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Naturally occurring heavy metals tend to be common in botanicals and herbal supplements, which may lead to them being added to the warning list.

Before taking any new supplement, I recommend speaking with a physician or primary care professional.

They can review with you any possible medication interactions, contraindications and give you a thorough and personalized approach to your health.


Your monthly supplement costs with Thorne may differ depending on if you are purchasing bundles or individual supplements.

Individual supplements can range from only $10 to $88 for a monthly supply.

Supplement bundles can range from $57 to $130 per month and can help you save up to 10% compared to buying individual supplements.

Test kits are one-time purchases that have the option to purchase supplements based on your test results later.

Thorne’s range of tests varies in price, from the cheapest test (Biological Age, Vitamin D tests at $95) to the most expensive (Weight Management at $315).

There is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee for Thorne supplements purchased in the United States only. Test kits, as well as roducts purchased internationally, are not covered by their guarantee.

Comparison to Alternatives

While many personalized supplement companies exist, Thorne does bring something different to the table.

They have a wider variety of test kit options to focus on what you’re interested in and not overwhelm you with too much information.

Thorne gives its users several ways to interact with its brand.

If you are looking for a particular supplement and don’t want to take a quiz, the bundles and product store are available.

But if you want something more in-depth, the quizzes and test kits are available as well.

Most other brands do not give these many options for interaction and commitment.

A company like Care/of only offers a quiz, or another like Viome only offers a genetic test (without a quiz).

While Thorne is not the only supplement company to cater to athletes, it is nice to see a personalized brand have a space specifically for athletes with third-party testing and collaboration with national sports organizations.

Thorne’s health kits are a bit expensive compared to some of the competition.

Other tests usually cost between $80–130 and may cover a full spectrum of nutritional genetic testing, while Thorne focuses on certain conditions.

As far as the supplements go, individual supplements appear to be priced pretty fairly.

However, monthly supplement costs overall may become high if getting bundles or if recommended multiple supplements through the health kit testing.

The Bottom Line

Thorne products appear to be a good option to choose from when looking for a company providing personalized supplements and recommendations.

They are not excessive with supplement recommendations, give you different ways to tailor what you decide to take, and the company is dedicated to advances in research.

Thorne products may also be cost-effective if you don’t go for multiple bundles or health tests.

Of course, a quiz or blood test with algorithms cannot replace the comprehensive care that a health professional such as a physician or registered dietitian can provide.

Thorne acknowledges this frequently throughout its website.

I think that it is a nice touch that they offer a health professional database where people can get consultations with practitioners familiar with the company.

If you decide to take any supplement recommended by Thorne, please consult with your primary care provider to see if they are right for your needs.

A Word from Our RD

Recommendations generated by lab testing, quizzes, and artificial intelligence can be a helpful tool in taking control of your health, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Lab testing and questionnaires (like intake forms) are usually only the beginning of comprehensive medical care by a health professional.

Please speak with your doctor about any particular health concerns that you may have so that they can be addressed by the appropriate medical professionals.

For personalized nutrition recommendations based on your needs, a registered dietitian is a great place to start.

They have the training to help guide you in making healthier food choices, translate science into action, and address other food-related needs.

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