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Care/of Vitamins Review: Pro, Cons, and How It Works

Written by Melissa Mitri, MS, RD

Reviewed by Anthony Dugarte, MD 

Published on April 10, 2021

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Care/of is a supplement brand that creates personalized vitamins based on your goals. It offers more personalization than buying individual supplements on your own, but it does not take the place of tailored guidance by a healthcare professional.

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Care/of Vitamins Review: Pro, Cons, and How It Works


  • Convenient, delivered in individual packs
  • Personalized recommendations that account for allergies
  • Many research studies shared on their website


  • Recommendations are made by an online quiz that can’t account for every health concern or potential medication-supplement interaction
  • May be overwhelming if a large number of supplements are recommended
  • May not be best for those who hate swallowing pills

How Care/of Works

Care/of is a brand that creates personalized daily vitamin “packs” based on your lifestyle, diet, and overall goals.

They have 3 different product categories – vitamins, quick sticks, and powders.

To start, you have to complete a short quiz on their website. The quiz asks questions about your current supplement regimen, medical history, and health goals in order to create a personalized recommendation.

The quizzes are created using AI-powered technology and knowledge from scientists and nutrition experts on Care/of’s scientific advisory board.

These experts also provide input into their product development.

I went through the process of taking the quiz myself, where it asked me specific questions to determine my goals.

The quiz started by asking about my current level of knowledge when it comes to vitamins and supplements.

Then, it asked questions about digestion, energy, mood, and sleep. It also asked for details on any current supplements I was taking and the type of diet I follow.

I think this is all helpful to know in order to provide a more personalized recommendation, and it also assures they don’t recommend a supplement you’re already taking.

They suggested that I take 3 different supplements, all of which I felt made sense based on my answers.

Once the recommendations are made, you can choose which products to purchase. You are then enrolled into a monthly subscription that auto-renews.

The supplement packs are delivered to your door in individual daily packs for 30 days.

The company states its products are created based on honesty, quality, and sustainability.

The website shares specific research studies on their products and assigns a grade based on the available evidence.

I appreciate this as it can be difficult to find this information on some other vitamin websites.

Quality of Personalized Supplement Recommendations

Care/of is deliberate in only selecting high-quality ingredients from suppliers they trust – ones that are properly tested and verified. But they don’t use their own products.

While there are too many products available to evaluate every single ingredient, the company does do a good job of sharing relevant research for many of their products.

While some of their ingredients may contain common allergens, taking the quiz will assure that you are being prescribed supplements that are likely safe for you.

Care/of also tries to select specific ingredients to maximize absorption of their supplements.

For example, they use a form of folate called methyl folate, which is more effectively absorbed in our bodies than the more traditional folic acid.

This is important to note as there may be potential cardiovascular risks of taking too much folic acid in supplement form.

Surveys demonstrate more consumers are looking for personalized vitamins to meet their needs.

However, studies show little evidence that taking supplements without an actual condition or deficiency provides any benefit.

While it is positive that these supplements are more personalized, they still do not take the place of a comprehensive evaluation by a healthcare provider or dietitian.

Side Effects, Safety, and Dosage

The dosage will depend on your quiz answers and how many supplements you are recommended to take.

This could be reasonable and manageable, or it can end up being a lot of pills.

In regards to safety, the company does suggest speaking to your doctor regarding questions or any potential interactions.

There is also a contact number to call that is clearly shown on their website should you have any questions.

Even though Care/of is more personalized, I would still recommend having bloodwork done and speaking to your healthcare provider first prior to starting on any of these supplements.


The cost for Care/of can vary significantly based on your own personalized recommendations. They do offer a 50% discount on your first order.

Monthly subscriptions can start as low as $5 a month with one supplement or can be upwards of $100–$200 if you have a lot of supplements to take.

You do have the ability to add or remove recommended products if you choose to do so, which can alter the cost.

Using a subscription-based service like Care/of likely saves you money compared to buying each product individually.

Using a personalized subscription also provides more value as it is a higher likelihood that you actually need the supplements you are taking.

Comparison to Alternatives

There are several other personalized supplement companies. A few of the most popular alternative brands are Persona, Ritual, and Baze.

Persona and Ritual are fairly similar to Care/of. Persona also creates recommendations based on a quiz.

However, they offer more ongoing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from their nutrition experts on staff.

Ritual does not require you to take a quiz but provides recommendations for women based on their life stage - prenatal, premenopausal, or postmenopausal.

They do not promote any type of expert support on their website.

Baze requires you to take a blood test first and ship the results to them prior to taking the quiz.

I do like how they take this extra step to require blood work, however, it still may not account for every possible deficiency or condition.

Compared to these other brands, Care/of is very transparent with sharing the available research on their products.

While personalized vitamins such as Care/of have their benefits, they still do not replace professional guidance.

The Bottom Line

Personalized supplements like Care/of can help you focus on only taking the supplements your body actually needs.

Signing up for a monthly subscription that automatically renews also helps you to be more consistent with taking your vitamins.

The biggest benefits of taking any supplement come from taking them consistently.

Furthermore, it can save money in the long run because you are not wasting money on supplements that don’t offer any real benefit.

Care/of may be helpful for someone who wants to improve their health but is feeling overwhelmed by all of the supplements out there.

However, taking these vitamins does not replace the need to work with a doctor or registered dietitian who can provide a comprehensive assessment of your health needs.

A Word from Our RD

If you are looking to improve your nutritional health, start by working with a registered dietitian who can create a plan for you.

This is going to provide a more individualized experience than any personalized vitamin brand can provide.

While supplements can sometimes help fill in the “gaps” in our diet, they are not a magic bullet to better health.

Making healthier lifestyle choices such as improving your diet or exercise routine will yield bigger benefits than any single supplement out there.

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