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Persona Nutrition Review: Benefits, Drawbacks, and How It Works

Written by Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD

Reviewed by Anthony Dugarte, MD 

Last Updated on May 27, 2021

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Persona is a supplement subscription company that provides vitamins tailored to your unique needs. While the company does work with healthcare professionals, this service does not replace working individually with someone who can assess your personal needs.

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Persona Nutrition Review: Benefits, Drawbacks, and How It Works


  • Solid attempt to provide evidence-based personalized advice via the quiz
  • Evaluates drug interactions with supplements
  • Convenient individualized packs make it cheaper to take multiple supplements


  • Quiz can’t evaluate every possible health concern or medication
  • Some of the “nutrition team” are not registered dietitians
  • May recommend a large number of supplements at once which can be overwhelming

How It Works

Persona is a vitamin company that offers a combination of its own propriety products along with products from other brands in a convenient daily vitamin pack.

They currently carry about 80 different vitamin products.

The Persona experience starts with a quiz that asks you various questions about your health concerns, allergies, medications, and lifestyle.

This quiz was developed with the help of their medical team and team of nutritionists and dietitians.

The answers to the quiz are then used to provide tailored supplement recommendations based on your responses.

The recommended supplements arrive in a “pack” that you take daily, instead of having multiple bottles to purchase.

The team of nutritionists is also available to answer nutrition questions 7 days a week.

The medical advisory board helps evaluate any drug-nutrient interactions that might be problematic.

There is also an app that subscribers have access to that provides additional information about the products.

Quality of Personalized Supplement Recommendations

Persona is one of the most reputable “personalized” vitamin services.

They work with multiple MDs and healthcare providers who consult on their products and offer customers advice directly.

Their online survey is relatively in-depth, as it tries to screen out potential health issues or medications that could interfere with the supplements recommended.

This level of detail is important for keeping consumers safe and not recommending supplements that may cause problems.

No matter how good their quiz is, you should always speak to your doctor before taking any supplements.

Consumers are extremely interested in personalized vitamin services. With Persona, depending on how you answer the questionnaire, there are over 5 trillion combinations of products you could be recommended.

This helps the brand individualize the recommendations to your specific concerns.

A study found that consumers are generally more willing to pay premium prices if they believe a product is truly “personalized.”

This is true even if a similar product is available elsewhere for less money.

Although these types of services are popular, there is mixed evidence about the benefits of dietary supplements overall.

But they remain popular possibly because many consumers see vitamin supplements as a “quick fix” to address their health concerns or a necessary addition to their health regimen.

While there are too many products available at Persona to evaluate each ingredient in this review, there is significant information available about each product on the company’s website.

This is an added value to consumers, so they can truly understand what they are taking.

With so many reputable professionals on the Persona team, I trust that the products are generally safe and effective when taken by the right person for the right reason.

In the end, no matter how many health concerns Persona adds to their assessment quiz, it is impossible to replace the care of a healthcare provider or dietitian.

A professional can evaluate blood work, health history and conduct a more thorough evaluation to make individualized product recommendations.

Side Effects, Safety, and Dosage

The dosage will depend on how you answer the assessment questions and the number of products recommended.

When I took the quiz (my main health concerns are sleep, stress, inflammation, and weight management), I was recommended 9 different products to address each of these concerns.

Taking 9 pills a day, even in easy-to-use packaging, would be very overwhelming to me.

As far as safety, the ability to call and ask questions of the nutrition team and the assessment of drug-nutrient interactions do add an additional layer to the safety profile of the recommendations.

I previously worked with a company that had a similar supplement recommendation quiz.

We had many safety-related questions in place in an attempt to prevent those with certain health conditions from being recommended dangerous supplements.

But as I mentioned, they can’t assess for every possible health condition or drug-nutrient interaction.

Even with Persona’s tailored recommendations, they cannot assess deficiencies or evaluate your health concerns.

Quizzes can be helpful, but I would still talk to my doctor before taking any of the recommended supplements.


The cost for Persona can vary greatly depending on the recommendations you receive.

Subscriptions start at just $0.05 a day. You can add and remove vitamins from your pack to modify the cost.

For my personal recommendations of 9 products a day, the monthly fee would be $161.

Persona Nutrition also offers 50% off your first order.

While the monthly price may be high, this may be cheaper than purchasing individual bottles of each of the recommended products, so it might save you money.

For example, one of the products they recommended to me was Tru Niagen which costs $47 a month. In the Persona pack, the price was listed at $29.96 a month.

Using a subscription service like Persona likely saves you money.

It can also prevent you from spending on products that won’t work for you since you know the products are meant to address your specific concerns.

Comparison to Alternatives

There are many supplement companies that use quizzes to provide personalized supplement recommendations, including Care/of, Ritual, Hum Nutrition, and Baze.

Care/of doesn’t offer consultations by dietitians and Ritual only “personalizes” based on life stage, no other concerns.

Persona offers more professional support to their customers compared to the other two.

Like Perona, Hum Nutrition also works with dietitians. I personally helped develop the Hum Nutrition quiz, and it has been since refined by several other RDs to improve the recommendations provided.

They currently don’t advertise on their site that you can call and speak directly to someone on the nutrition team as Persona does. But I do know they continue to work with dietitians as consultants to their brand.

Baze offers personalized nutrition recommendations. This company uses a blood test to make meal and nutrient recommendations.

While they can’t run tests for every possible deficiency or medical condition, it is an interesting way to make more tailored recommendations.

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The Bottom Line

Persona is a great concept, vetted by experts, to help people make better supplement choices and not waste money on products that won’t address their specific concerns.

I like that it offers free consultations with nutritionists and dietitians, although I am not sure why they are not all registered dietitians on the team.

Overall, for someone who wants to start improving specific areas of health but has no idea where to begin, Persona is a cost-effective way to do so.

But in the end, no online quiz can replace working directly with a doctor or registered dietitian who can assess all the aspects of your health to make tailored recommendations.

A Word from Our RD

My primary recommendation would be to work one-on-one with a registered dietitian for your supplements instead of relying on an online quiz that can’t assess every aspect of your health.

Remember, dietary supplements are not a quick fix. A dietitian can help you learn to eat in a healthier way for your body and address other lifestyle concerns that are impacting your health.

No matter how personalized the recommendations, supplements will never replace healthy lifestyle changes.

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